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    Barner. Cool Dude. Loves red.  He’s black and white with a red red wrap.  His loop is red and red/black variegated. Not feral but totally unwild either.  Barner paints barns, bet you suspected that! He’s 10 inches long by 8 inches wide. Ready to sweep everything under the rug or not.  Your choice!!  What Say YOU?

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    Bea. Her favorite meal is fried, her favorite beverage is a soda.  Bea hails from Mayberry and regularly gets after Opie.  Between cleaning and making sure no bonnet touches her head, Bea enjoys being wrapped in Neon Pink and Pistachio Green twine.  She’s a mix of natural and blue broomcorn. Not quite reaching 15 inches long, she’s ready to help where & when you need it.

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    BonCher. No one knows her birth name for she has always been called BonCher. Her granddaddy started it and no one has ever called BonCher anything else. Not Bon, Not Cher. Always BonCher.  Blue and natural tipped blue broomcorns make BonCher the beauty she is.  Blue and ice blue twines bound BonCher together.  She’s very proud of her bodice for she worked long and hard to create it.  15 inches long by 9 inches wide, BonCher is capable of cleaning up most dirty situations.

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    Clarity – Candlestick

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    Clarity is one of the Candlestick Clan. Long slender handled natural tipped blue broomcorn makes Clarity a real looker.  Wrapped in gray and variegated black twines, Clarity has a bit of the dramatic flair. When one is cleaning, drama is required you know.  Clarity has you covered!

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    Dusty – Candlestick

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    Dusty likes to garden, a lot.  Her skirt is made of dusty rose and light green ended, black and very dark blue topped broomcorn. Dusty is held together with dusty rose and mint green twines.  16 inches long with a 10 inch base, Dusty is a mover of dirt to be sure.  She looks so … proper, doesn’t she?  You should see her when she rolls up her sleeves. Fierce!  Dusty.  She won’t leave any behind.

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    Earth Papa

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    Earth Papa is golden yellow like the Father Sun. Wrapped in variegated sage green and variegated brown twines, Earth Papa is as Earthy as one can get without BEING the Earth. He does try though.  Always getting dirt back to where it goes, Earth Papa is a fine partner for any Earth Mama.  He wears his heart, and his dirt, on his sleeve.

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    Eggxactly means exactly what it says and does what it does, very well.  Sporting a yellow reed plaited handle, Eggxactly is made of hot pink and purple broomcorn.  Aqua and Lavender twines hold Eggxactly in place, always and forever. Eggxactly may look too good to put in a hard day’s work but given the opportunity, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Waiting for Home.

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    Italy is made of two shades of purple broomcorn and is wrapped with purple and fiesta (rainbow!) twine.  Italy would love to travel – to your place. Never having crossed any border, he just loves the thought of getting pizza and pinching bits of dirt from grape vines in…Italy.  So, he chose that name! Untrimmed because he’s not into combing his hair, Italy is 11 inches long and 8 inches wide. Ready to travel… to wherever. Where are you? That’s where he wants to be.

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    Marguarite is one of a kind. Beautiful woven purple reed handle is patterned in a stair-step fashion.  Vibrant purple/turquoise/orange/yellow/pink twine is wrapped around hot pink and limb green unprocessed broomcorn. Marguarite won’t take guff from spider webs but she will be nice about removing them. She’s got her sleeves rolled up and is ready to get home.

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    Polly is dressed for a nice day.  Or night. She can stay up for hours! Natural broomcorn wrapped in two shades of blue, she’s got a beautiful weave treatment up the right side.  She’s a special one, this little lady is.  9 inches long by 8 inches wide, she’d like to come visit you and stay for the rest of her days.  That’s not a visit, that’s a move-in. Ok, she wants to move in.  😉

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    Raisinhead has their own ideas about names and things.  Dark green unprocessed broomcorn is woven with raspberry dyed reed.  Cream and variegated rose twines show off the beauty of Raisinhead in every way.  Eager to clear space for new cobwebs, this one is ready to rock, roll and dance a jig too if it’ll help.  Looking For You.

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    Rocky.  He’s natural broomcorn bound with emerald and variegated red/black twine.  Rocky is a laid back cat, sweeping here and there then over there too. Loves music.  Not a trouble maker but can be persuaded to go there on cold winter nights. Hot summer nights too. Rocky is a Trouble Maker waiting to be led to it. Then he’ll take it from there!

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    Sweet Sarah.  She’s light green, light purple and dark purple all wrapped into one.  Bound in sage green and variegated blue twines, Sarah is the sweetest lil thing that you can imagine. She’s 11 inches long by 8 inches wide and will sashay right into your heart. Cute weave on her bodice too, she’s decked out and ready to go.

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    Sassy Pants

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    Sassy Pants. Clearly has earned the name!  Bright, bold and brash, Sassy Pants’ hot pink and lime unprocessed broomcorn is held together with cool turquoise and aqua twines.  Broomcorn stalk woven handle finish the Sassy Pants look.  Sweet and kind, Sassy Pants will move spider webs gently but firmly. She’s Da Boss.

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    Silverleaf hails from the forest near the high desert.  Black at the top, her outfit moves into green then into natural. She blends in well with her woods friends, count on that. Twines are silver and light sage green.  13 inches long with a 10 inch base.  Loves leaves and pine needles.

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