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    Double Trouble

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    Double Trouble is made with plum broomcorn tipped with dusty purple and dark green broomcorn.  Feisty and filled with energy, Double Trouble will get after anything you want to sweep.  Wrapped with variegated emerald green twine, this broom is a real go-getter and loves to do just that.  13.5 inches long by 10 inches wide, Double Trouble is ready to take on the world.

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    Dusty Rose

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    Dusty Rose is stellar looking and performing! Natural tipped purple broomcorn has a turquoise reed handle with a gorgeous weave.  The broom is woven and wrapped with dusty rose twine. Dusty Rose loves cleaning or hanging out with you.  Easy going and sweet, Dusty Rose is downright pleasant.  17.5 inches long by 9 inches wide.

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    Forrester loves spending time hiking and being in the great outdoors.  Born among trees, he loves all things nature. 7 inches long, 6.5 inches wide.  Dark green broomcorn is wrapped with black and bright green twine.

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    Goldie – Feral!

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    Goldie is made of golden broomcorn. She is wrapped with gold and variegated green twines but has a wild side for sure. Her hanging loop is black and variegated black twines because she likes a fancy hat! Untrimmed, Goldie is just a bit more wild than the others. She’s always been that way.  9 inches long by 8 inches wide, she’s on the job when you need it done.

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    Brooms like Inez don’t come around often.  Natural tipped purple and dark green broomcorn give Inez her unusual look.  Wrapped in variegated blue and variegated emerald green, you can’t miss Inez .  Sweet weave on the side of the handle makes her even more striking.  7.75 inches long by 6.5 inches wide.

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    Keys is a music man. No one knows his birth-given name, he’s just always gone by Keys.  He loves the piano very much.  You can see the notes spiraling around his handle too.  He’s fancy like that.  Deep red tipped and natural tipped red broomcorn make Keys the fella he is.  He’s wrapped with black and variegated black twines because black and white are his favorite colors.  Keys is 16 inches long and 11 inches wide.  He’s got a long reach and hopes he’s reaching you, too.

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    Khenan is bold.  Natural broomcorn is wrapped with the Jamaican colors of red/yellow/green/black twine.  10.25 inches long by 9 inches high, Khenan will happily do any sweep job you need him to.  Always singing, Khenan is.

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    Kingman is made of two Kings who are the opposite of one another.  Unique and bold, that’s Kingman through and through.  Black broomcorn is wrapped with dark red twine, red broomcorn is wrapped with black twine and the handle has dark red and black twines combined.  Perfect harmony, this handsome broom is.  11.5 inches long by 10.5 inches wide.

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    Large Stitching Clamp

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    18 inches long, this intuitive and one of a kind stitching clamp will hold your broom corn in place firmly and tightly.  It’s adjustable for the widest broom you can imagine.  This clamp can be adjusted for a narrower broom as well.  Two large dials make it easy to tighten on the broom. One clamp swings down to allow the clamp on the broom easily.  Made of maple.  The ship weight is 2 pounds.  Clamp screw is 5 inches tall.  This clamp does not bend and will hold broom corn in place to allow for clean, tight stitches.

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    Deep fuchsia and natural tipped purple broomcorn make up Manda’s beautiful self.  Wrapped with variegated yellow/green/turquoise, Manda is as unique as they come.  9 inches long by 8 inches wide, Manda is ready for sweeping or a good chat over tea.  Always.

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    Mathilda Footbrake

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    This footbrake is one you can take with you anywhere.  No clunk, clunk as the round ends rotate smoothly.  There’s plenty of room to wind enough twine for the most robust of brooms.  A drill bit is inserted on one end.  You can use a drill to wind your twine faster or you can use the Not-Yet-Released Mathilda Winding System.  You can still use a drill but your tension will be perfect with our winding system.  It’s nearly ready for release as of 3/4/24.   Each footbrake is handcrafted.

    The footbrake is made out of  Maple.  It’s a Three Sisters Broom Shoppe exclusive!

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    Mocha is a morning broom, or an evening one if you’re going decaf then.  Natural broomcorn is wrapped with variegated mocha twine for a delicious look which calls for a bit of relax time.  10.5 inches long by 9 inches wide, Mocha Means Business. Or Not. You decide…

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    Orlan has water on their mind.  Loves beaches and sun, often dreams of moving to somewhere by shells. Orlan is made of natural and purple broomcorn. The style is Hawk Tail.  Wrapped with steel blue twine, Orlan is 12 inches long by 10 inches wide.  A serious sweeper but not serious in life.

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    Paulie is a cool cat. Never one to brood, Paulie always considers the options at hand.  Made of black, green and natural tipped red broomcorn, Paulie is wrapped in deep sage green and black twines.  He’s 11.5 inches long and 10 inches wide. Ready to work or relax, it’s always your choice.

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    Persimmon is a real sweetheart of a cobwebber.  She’s 46 inches long and can reach those high cobwebs all day long.  Made with deep fuchsia/purple dipped broomcorn, she’s wrapped with purple and variegated rose twines.  Her handle is smooth as butter and just the right size for moving Persimmon through any cobwebs you can find.  Ready to travel and get to work!

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