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    Broom Stitching Needle

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    This needle is excellent for stitching brooms with, full-size or whisk.  The narrow width makes it easy to have rows of stitching close together.  At a whopping 8 inches long, it’s perfect to get through the thickest of brooms.

    Hand forged.

    *Please Note: Due to the continued decline of service from USPS, all shipments now travel UPS regardless of what option is selected. It’s the only way I can guarantee you will receive your shipment.

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    Broom Trimming Knife

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    This trimming knife is extremely sharp. It comes fitted with safety guards so your hand doesn’t slip off the handle when you exert pressure. The blade is thin enough to cut cleanly and stout enough to trim brooms for as long as you want to use it. Can be sharpened as needed and comes with a sheath.

    *Colors of sheath will vary. Images are examples of the sheath.*


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