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    Broom Spindle Stand

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    The Broom Spindle Stand is necessary to keep the broom spindle off the floor.  It remedies the clunk clunk of the broom spindle as twine is pulled and the spindle needs to flip over on the floor.  The spindle itself will rotate smoothly which allows for better tension control and peaceful broom making.  A must-have if you are traveling, moving from the workshop to a sunny deck or other area where a spindle smacking on the floor isn’t desired.  A wooden key keeps the rod in place.  No screws are showing and all surfaces are smooth. It’s made of alder by a craftsman.

    *Please Note: Due to the continued decline of service from USPS, all shipments now travel UPS regardless of what option is selected. It’s the only way I can guarantee you will receive your shipment.

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