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    Double Ended Stitching Needle

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    This Double Ended Needle is a necessary tool when stitching large brooms. The hole in the middle makes it unnecessary to turn the needle when you’re stitching.  12 inches long by 1/2 inch wide, this needle was created exclusively for Three Sisters Broom Shoppe. The length and width give you control over your broom stitching.  The narrow width allows you to place rows closer together and the length allows you to go into the side of the broom easily. Handcrafted in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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    Mathilda Footbrake

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    This footbrake is one you can take with you anywhere.  No clunk, clunk as the round ends rotate smoothly.  There’s plenty of room to wind enough twine for the most robust of brooms.  A drill bit is inserted on one end.  You can use a drill to wind your twine faster or you can use the Not-Yet-Released Mathilda Winding System.  You can still use a drill but your tension will be perfect with our winding system.  It’s nearly ready for release as of 3/4/24.   Each footbrake is handcrafted.

    The footbrake is made out of  Maple.  It’s a Three Sisters Broom Shoppe exclusive!

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